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PMM is your partner when it comes to mould conception and mould making, offering you a world of opportunities.


PMM Lda, founded in 1987, is a company dedicated to the study, technical development and production of moulds for the plastics rubber and die casting industries.
Being part of one of the most important and technologically most advanced mould-making industries world-wide, associate and co-founder of CENTIMFE (Technical Centre for the Mould-Making Industry), PMM serves the following main markets:

- Automotive components
- ECP parts
- Houseware
- Cosmetics
- Sports and Rehab
- Gardening, Pipe Fittings and Irrigation Systems
- Packaging
- Electrical and electronics
- Several industries


The over the years collected know-how as a consequence of our staff’s technical expertise and our permanent update in Technologies, allows us to implement, with rigour, the best conception and production methods and techniques, resulting therefore in an utmost value for the Customers, regarding the final product.
This capability also permits us to answer quote requests in a very short period of time, at very competitive prices and delivery times.
The quality of the moulds supplied by PMM, along with the after-sales assistance is a guarantee of the Customers satisfaction.