Canoeing on Mondego river 1024 576 PMM

Canoeing on Mondego river

Looking to increase the motivation of the PMM Team, on May 23rd, the descent of the Mondego river carried out in kayak. Providing employees with…

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Participation in the Fakuma fair 1024 576 PMM

Participation in the Fakuma fair

With a majority of the percentage of exportation in the European market, PMM tends to have assiduous presence in the Fakuma fair, in order to…

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PMM wins the bet on sustainability 1890 1000 PMM

PMM wins the bet on sustainability

PMM promotes balanced energy consumption, through a policy of maximizing energy efficiency. However, reducing consumption is not enough, in a world facing sudden environmental changes.…

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Primeira newsletter do projecto On-Surf 590 286 PMM

Primeira newsletter do projecto On-Surf

A PMM é parceira do projeto On-Surf. Este projeto investiga os tratamentos de superfícies metálicas, para desenvolver novas tecnologias, processos de tratamento e materiais para…

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New production plant 1024 576 PMM

New production plant

[:en] To improve the quality of service provided to our clients, PMM decided to move its production plant to Maceira. This way, we were able…

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